I took a couple very important photos

the most important man in the world

I want to give him a big cuddle!

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Is it weird to cry for your characters? Not even when you’re making them go through sad stuff, but just when they hug? Because you’re so happy for them and how they love each other so much?

No? Just me? Okay, then! :o

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Suyin speculation: aiding the villains?


Although I haven’t read any commentary yet, I’ve seen other bloggers speculate this same thing after the turn of last episode: Suyin seems willing to go behind her sister’s back and sending the Avatar off without any protection, but does this means she’s ~evil? Here’s my personal speculation and examination of different arguments, for and against.

There’s more than a few clues that are pointing in the direction of Suyin being involved with these villains. That guard might have been too young to have met the RL before, but Suyin is not - she’s traveled the world for years, and was part of a group of sandbenders; that’s exactly where we know the group is heading for a future fight with the Red Lotus. Aiwei’s little desert decoration seems to be indicating that there’s a connection there, too. Then of course, Su lies to Lin - and it’s more than simply disagreeing with her and supporting Korra instead, she actively makes sure that Korra goes on without contact to or protection from Lin. If anything goes wrong, Suyin won’t be without blame (or guilt, hopefully). 

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Strangely, I find myself distrusting Opal quite a bit, too. For one, her name refers to a stone which, in folklore, is said to bring ill fortune, and then there’s the general Stepford-esque behavior. She seems oddly detached, almost too perfect and proper. And I was also a little confused as to why they lingered on her face like that in the last episode. Something about her just doesn’t add up.

And, as for Suyin, I genuinely think that she and Aiwei are still in league. She gets accused, and the very next guy after her is deemed guilty? It seemed like a knee jerk response, like the two of them picked that guard out as guilty to completely divert attention from themselves.

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i think i finally found a coloring style i like and comfortable with

Your art always cheers me up :)


i think i finally found a coloring style i like and comfortable with

Your art always cheers me up :)

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Ghost Girl?

Reading up on the Ghost Girl in Luminose City, and the weird train station message got me to thinking: Do you think she was murdered? The message said she was going for help, right? And she just waits in the hotel, listening for the elevator. 

How would her killer know where to find her? Perhaps because the killer was the one she was writing to? Who she thought she could trust?

Is it possible that somewhere in the city, there’s a seemingly innocuous bystander you can chat with who knows more than they’re letting on?

To Korra fans

Nick will do whatever Nick wants to do, regardless of whether it’s the right call.

I’m pissed, you’re pissed, and I think we’ve all began to smell the stink of death around this show, regardless of their claims that it’s not being cancelled.

All I can say, no matter how little solace it brings, is that our fandom is large, dedicated and full of a bunch of great minds. Fanfiction, RP blogs, fan art, headcanons, different theories. No matter what happens, the show and all its awesome characters’ll live on in some form or another.

It’s not much, but it’s something.

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